Monday, December 01, 2008

Movember = GROSSvember

This year Lowell participated in Movember. Not familiar with Movember? It’s a mustache growing charity that happens during the month of November to raise funds/awareness for men’s health.

Upon my insistence, Lowell didn’t just grow a mustache, but a whole beard (as just a mustache would be CREEPY). As you can see, it's quite tolerable.

During the third week of November, he downgraded to just a mustache/goatee combo. Still tolerable.

Last week he shaved everything but the mustache. GROSS. And completely intolerable.




I was EXTREMELY hesitant to go out in public with him and his creepy 'stache, but at least I discovered these appropriate shirts:

Gross. That mustache is just a giant curtain of ugliness draped over an otherwise extremely attractive face! (PS- I love you Lowell!)

Lowell and I skyped with Marc & Kylie, and this was their reaction when they saw Lowell’s mustache:

Way to be subtle, guys:)

M, K, and I decided that there are people who can have mustaches, and people who can’t, and Lowell is one of those people who CAN’T (no offense Lowell).

I’m happy to report that it is now December, and I have my handsome, clean-shaven, baby-face husband back….finally.

Lowell, Lowell, Lowell...  NZ was a good place to participate in Movember for the first time. And may it also be the last!


Avery said...

Zak likes to do that all the time. As you know, Zak doesn't shave as often as Lowell, but when he does he likes to shave something creative - huge chops and a biker stache, a Nike swoosh . . . any kind of mustache - no good. I agree I don't like to go out with him with a stache!

Shelly said...

hahahahahhahaha that is toooooo funny! I have a few friends who participated in Movember and I would have to agree, for most guys, it just ain't pretty!

Anonymous said...

Up here all of my friends call it no-shave November or neanderthal November. And like Zak - it usually doesn't stop with just growing the beard. There is the awkward ugly phase of a beard that just isn't quite a beard, and beards where they aren't suppose to be (ie - those really hairy guys that grow it up to their eyeballs and down to their chests) and slowly degrades into rednecks beards or foo man chus or anything that will make the women in their life groan. It seems to me that it's a rite of passage or something. And I agree with you on the some can some can't rule. And sorry Lowell - I think I agree with Julie!

jill said...

Ha! Too funny! Great shirts...not so great stash! Very good for a laugh though. I would have to agree with Julie you look much better clean shaven!

Susan said...

Lowell, you are such a trooper for posing for all those photos. :) I was very entertained by this post...thanks! :)

Carlynne said...

Lowell, you look astonishingly like my dad in his wedding pictures!! YOu could be my Uncle Lowell!

Shelley said...

yikes! ya, julie i totally agree. Facial hair on Lowell just doesn't work! He's much more handsome without it!

Lowell & Julie said...

Wow Carlynne, that's pretty bold of you to note Lowell's resemblance to Dad when all I said throughout the entire post was "gross".

But Daddio knows that we like (and even prefer) HIS mustache. He's one of the 3 people in this world who can pull one off.

He's wise to keep his 'stache. Afterall, his daughter-in-law DID say "it's sexy!" I think Kylie knows best in this situation:)

PS- I also think it would be very creepy if Lowell was your uncle!

Daniel said...

Lowell that is great. Just great. I think you look like a gentleman a scholar and could see you wearing the mustache forever.