Friday, November 28, 2008

Quite possibly the longest, most event-filled day of all time…

Day # 3 of campervanning it from the South Island to the North Island was jam packed and full o’ fun!

If you recall, we spent night number 2 in Hanmer Springs. We woke up bright and early and, after eating up the last 30 minutes of the internet we purchased, we headed to Kaikoura. Our first stop in Kaikoura was Cushchine Animal Farm Park. (Basically a petting zoo for kids. No we are not kids. No, we did not have kids with us. And yes, we loved every minute of it.) After the owner got over her initial shock of having 2 fully grown adult visitors sans kids, she sent us out back with cups of animal treats in hand.

And now we have a ridiculous amount of animal pictures…

I just wanted to stuff this adorable little goat in my pocket. We didn't come with a child, but we nearly left with a kid! (HAHAHA)

The leetle goat and the leetle lamb were best mates.

Sharing the love with the donkeydonk. HEE HAW.

Charming isn’t he?

Next were the llamas! As we were luring them to the fence, we were jolted by an obnoxiously loud snort. This rather ghastly looking creature had appeared directly beneath us—eager for someone to throw a bucket of slop in his mouth. I will admit though, he was pretty cute in his own little way.

Also very charming.

Lowell’s camp name was Llama, so they are near and dear to his heart. I think there’s a natural connection here!

The big goats were rather hyperactive and clingy. I’m pretty sure they thought Lowell was Santa Claus (surely it was the BEARD that threw them off).

This animal was particularly not Canadian...

A wallaby!!

Check out the backdrop of the farm. Not too shabby. Not too shabby at all...

We hit the road again and ended up at the Ohau Point Seal Colony. There was only one (alive) seal (who looks like an extension of my head in the following picture), but the view was spectacular!

A few minutes down the road, we parked the van and hiked a random trail on the side of the highway. We were rewarded with a lovely waterfall and a playful seal pup at the end! Someone left a tennis ball up there, so Lowell had a little game of fetch with the pup.

(Note the conflicting shirts...which are also rather festive!)

Next stop…MORE ANIMALS!!

I already described our merino sheep visit, but I will include another picture of this adorable ball of fluff. SO SOFT!

After the sheepies, we stopped at a café upon Mike and Fiona’s insistence (M&F are some of our super kiwi friends... THANKS M&F!). CHECK THIS PLACE OUT. The view. OH THE VIEW!

And the coconut cake wasn’t bad either.

After we jacked ourselves up on caffeine (and sugar), we headed further north to Blenheim where we spent the night with Canadian-connection-friends. Angela, Owen, and their TWINS!!! I have a special spot in my heart for twins...I couldn't imagine why! :)

Owen (the father) is a sergeant in the air force, as well as a skilled aircraft technician instructor. Looks like little John is following in his Dad’s footsteps.

Lowell read with Sharon (in her adorable little school girl uniform!). Awwwwwww…

The next morning we woke up and said “BYE BYE BLENHEIM! HELLO ABEL TASMAN!”

To be continued…


Avery said...

The animals are quite cute! I'm sure you two will be getting a dog as soon as you get home! Btw, Zak and I couldn't get a dog, but we did get a cute little kitten:)

Shelley said...

Wow! you were right! that day of animals was the BEST DAY EVER! that's SO awesome that played fetch with a seal pup! LOVE THIS POST!

marcandorkylie said...

Okay that looks amazing! Can't wait to see it. We have been putting off e=mailing you because we do not have dates set it stone but that shouldn't mean no communication right? ;) Can you skype tomorrow?
Can't wait to see you two!!!!
Love, Kylie
PS Marc and I purchased our first Christmas tree in our whole married life today.