Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Lesson Learned

I have a little piece of advice to offer. If your flat iron (aka hair straightener) smokes unprompted (i.e., no hair, hairspray or matches around), do not, I repeat, do NOT use it.

Over the weekend, I plugged in my flat iron for the first time in a looong time. Suddenly an aroma of singed hair filled the room, and the iron was emitting a visible smoke. ‘Hmmmm,’ thought I, ‘This isn’t good, but it can’t be all bad- I think I’ll just tackle a few pieces here and there.’

I did a few pieces of hair in the back, then did the first piece in the front. I put the straightener near my roots, and when I attempted to glide the iron down my hair, the entire chunk of hair came right out of my head. ‘Oh crap,’ I thought, ‘I really have no idea what went on at the back of my head.’ So, I smoothed my fingers through my hair and what do I discover? Several clumps of hair come right out with my hands. For the rest of the day I was pulling random little clumps out of my hair.

2 days and a shower later, this is what the previously CLEAN comb looked like after running it through my hair 3 times.

Gross. And also really crappy. And depressing. I have fine/thin enough hair as it is. I NEED NO ASSISTANCE IN THE AREA!

I was going for the brunette thing with this whole change…not BALDING brunette. Darn the stinking high voltage in NZ.

One last pearl of wisdom: apparently eliminating blonde hair does not eliminate blonde moments.


shareen said...

this is the look I expect to see from you next:

Susan said...

Oh my...I feel for you. I've been there too...when I first starting using my flat iron, I had a hair loss incident. It's funny to me now, but not so much at the time. I thought I was going bald!

Thanks for sharing your story. :)