Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Let's go fly a kite.

This past weekend was the Labour Day long weekend here in NZ. Not that it made much of a difference to me as every weekend is a long weekend for me (not to rub it in). BUT, it meant that Lance & Natalie also had Monday off!

Lance & Nat picked us up bright and early for what was supposed to be our surfing debut here in NZ. However, by the time we reached Omaha Beach, the tide was low and the waves were NON-EXISTENT. Well, barely existent anyway. Good thing Lance & Nat brought kites for back-up.

The frustrating thing about taking pictures of kite flying is that the person flying the kite and the kite itself end up looking like tiny dots on opposite corners of the picture. Oh well, the scenery was pretty too...

Nat and I tried really hard to put together a 'stunt tent' (which basically means it has 2 handles) meant for age 8 plus (ya right). The instructions were ridiculous. There were TWO pictures, and they were complicated images that meant nothing to us. The only written instructions said "Fly this kite in an open area with no buildings or trees or powerlines bla bla bla..." in like EIGHTY-SIX DIFFERENT LANGUAGES.

After mulling over the instructions for a while, we decided to do it our own way. Strings were cut where strings were not supposed to be cut, and tied in random knots where random knots were not supposed to be tied. Lance was in control of this operation- he's really quite the kite engineer. (Lowell was busy bouncing around the beach acting like a 6-year old who was just given the key to a local candy shop).

Finally. The kite was ready to take flight. And Lance was the stunt master.

Well, actually, no he wasn't. The kite spent most of the time on the ground like that with the strings twisted and tangled.

However, when Lance and Lowell each took one handle, they stunted it up like pros- over the ocean to boot.

Then Natalie took Lowell's place, and Lance & Nat had a little bonding romantic moment...

Oh yes, and I was there my PJs (I thought we'd be changing into wet suits right away, but when the surfing plan went down the pooper, my PJs became the ensemle for the day).

One last glimpse of Hottie McHot.

I haven't flown a kite in YEARS, and I don't think I've ever flown one on a beach. I highly recommend it- but watch out for those intense stunt kites meant for genius 8-year olds.


Carlynne said...

I think flying a kite on a beach could be the best way to do it. That blue sky is gorgeous! Wish I was there with you!!

marcandorkylie said...

I too love you the blue!! The last time Marc and I flew a kite (I think about 15 years ago) we flew it in Allan Watson park and it was soooo windy that it took the kite away, blew across Mayor Magrath and got stuck up in a tree. Looks like you had a bit better luck!

Anonymous said...

Hello. I just read the previous comments and they were thinking the same as I was--what beautiful scenery! It makes me even more excited to visit your new land!
Love Mum :)