Saturday, October 24, 2015

BABY NEWS (but not mine)!

I LOVE it when my sisters allow me to con them into being our photographic subjects AND THEN let me announce THEIR NEWS.

So, anyways.

CARLYNNE'S PREGNANT! She and Dan are expecting their little nugget on December 11. WOOOOOOOO! So of course we had to take photos of the adorable pregnant woman that is my twin...

Obviously baby's favourite Auntie Julie had to steal some kisses and camera time.

This is Carlynne's "Christie Brinkley". I'm really quite proud.

Isn't she dazzling, though?

Exciting! Soon-to-be-big-sis, Fin, is not only ridiculously adorable, but also pretty psyched.

While I have you here, let's just talk about the twin cousins for a quick sec. Carlynne is my twin, and since we had babies two months apart, we refer to them as twin cousins. I also got to announce THAT pregnancy of Carlynne's to the world... remember that?

Fin (2;4), and Stefan (2;6) know how to turn up  the charm for the camera (which does me SO proud), so I'm just going to go ahead and toss up some photographic evidence of the little darlings.

GAH! Heart melting...
Congratulations Dan & Carlynne... can't wait to meet that little bundle! And also, thanks for letting me share your news... little else gives me such great joy. ;)


Anonymous said...

Awesome Mommy baby photos AND that "twin" baby series is a fun to documentation for sure.
Thanks Julie!!! :) :)

Chelsea said...

Beautiful photos of a beautiful momma! Congrats to Dan and Carlynne! So cute to see those two cousins together also. :)

Carlynne said...

Thanks for the beautiful,post Julie. I am so lucky to have such talented photographers in my family