Sunday, June 21, 2015

Father's Day... (and yet another themed photo attempt).

Lowell is a hard working, loving, patient, committed, generous, easy going, deep-thinking, honest, inspirational, handsome, fun/punny, wise man of integrity... and our lucky kids get to call him daddy! They not only witness his determination to accomplish regular every day tasks with a visual impairment, but they get to witness his dedication to fitness, triathlons, and not letting his disability limit him. Seriously... couldn't ask for a better role model for our boys.

Shockingly, I did a little Father's Day shoot with the kids.

As has become my expectation, it did not start out so well.

Here's a little behind the scenes shot during calm down, take a breather, and play time...

Bribery in the form of candy necklaces was offered, and cooperation magically occurred!

This whole photo bribery thing is getting a little out of hand. It used to be a single tic tac... now we're at full candy necklaces. I swear, soon I'll be like, "I'LL BUY YOU A STINKIN CAR! Just please pleeeeeeeze POSE FOR THIS DARN PHOTO!"

Kumeu got in on the action as well. Again, the use of bribery was essential.

I was just going to post the posed photo, then I spotted this recent candid series of Lowell with the boys, and I much prefer it. And not just because it doesn't involve unnaturally/disproportionately/freakishly large flowers.

For REAL!!!!
I also spotted this one.

And these ones.

I mean, COME ON. How awesome is this dad?!

The boys and I made a fun Father's Day hand print shirt for Lowell, and when I was casually snapping shots of it  (and them) at the dog run, the sky began doing super cool things, and my subjects were pure perfection.

For this man- as well as my own amazing Dad and Dad in law- I am EXTRAORDINARILY thankful. Happy Father's Day to the wonderful fatherly men in our lives!


Kelly said...

Such great shots! How does Stefan like his bike??

Anonymous said...

Love it all, Julie… Your family is quite the specimen. So cute.

Lowell & Julie said...

Haha Ronda! ;)

Fraser loves the pedal bike, Kelly! We haven't had a ton of time to teach it yet, but he's catching on really quickly (and talks about it alllll the time). Thanks for the recommendation! :)