Tuesday, November 25, 2014


Today is Chelsea's birthday!

We are not selfie people, so this 7-month old shot is the most recent of us together... and we are 95% covered with ski equipment.
It is not possible for me to adequately convey how much Chelsea means to me, let alone find a gift that is even remotely meaningful enough. All she requested for her birthday were pictures of MY children (for real… she’s like that). Done. 

But she deserves so much more. Chelsea has been a constant source of encouragement and affirmation for me, and she’s hilarious, you guys. Makes me laugh all. The. Time. And she's gorgeous. Just straight up beautiful. Inside and out. She's the most generous soul you'll ever meet, and she loves fiercely and loyally. I feel so lucky to be on the receiving end of that love. Chels is always amazing, but in the wake of losing baby Colbie, she has been invaluable. She has rallied troops from various random friendship circles to help carry our family through this. She cried and prayed on the phone with me when I found out about Colbie while by myself at the San Antonio airport with an 11-hour solo journey ahead of me. She cleaned our house and stocked our fridge before I got home, she gathered our close girlfriends to clean my parents’ house, she watched our kids, she set up a meal calendar for the family, she coordinated efforts of various people that wanted to help but didn’t know how, and she’s done everything in her power to ease the gut-wrenching pain for my family. She’s like a sister to me, and when I think about how grateful I am for her friendship, I just melt into a puddle of tears. Today I want her to have the happiest birthday EVER. Because I love her, and so does every body else. She’ll want to kill me for posting this (because she’s also far too modest), but too bad… it’s her fault for being so amazing AND having a birthday. Happy birthday, sister friend… you know I love you!

So anyhoo. You want pictures of my kids? You GET pictures of my kids. These were taken specifically for you, Chels...


Oh brothers!
 Thanks for being you, Chels.

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