Sunday, October 12, 2014

Stefan's one year video... only 6 months late.

Ever since Stefan's conception, I've been determined to keep things equal between the first and second pregnancy/child (which has taken a lot more effort the second time around, believe me). Weekly pregnancy photos/updates, special occasion photo shoots, and generally over-documenting the heck out of the poor souls' lives. Over the past six months, I have been painfully aware that Stefan's one year video was going to be late, but I hadn't realized that it was also going to be vastly minimal. Digging through the ol archives revealed that apparently Fraser has videos for his first six months, second six months, long AND short versions of his first entire year, and a time lapse video made with weekly photos over his first year. Plus some other randoms. Suuuuuure... because that's an obtainable standard to set.

Well, I'm just proud that I finished Stefan's one year vid in time for his 18 month birthday and not his 18 year birthday. So hopefully Stef will be happy with that too... right?!

PS if you're not Stefan's grandparent and you don't watch this, I won't be offended. I can't guarantee that I would watch a 10-minute video starring your child either. ;)

Stefan is one!

Today is Stefan's half birthday.... 18 months already. Unbelievable! His adorably goofy personality has exploded over the last few months and he's simply hilarious. He loves to take out the garbage (and in fact melts down when denied such luxuries), he's a fearless risk taker, and his doofy laugh is incredibly infectious. The chunky monkey wears his brother's clothes and communicates in semi-intelligible two to three word phrases (and even uses plurals and possessives appropriately.... the speech pathologist in me is swollen with pride!!). He's a rock star sleeper/napper, he idolizes big brother "Raddo" (when toy thievery is not taking place), he has an endearingly squeaky inflection, he enjoys cleaning the drain with my toothbrush, he rocks a somewhat curly blonde mullet (which I absolutely can not bring myself to cut), and he weasels his little way deeper into our hearts every day. Don't you worry- he's still a typical little boy who seems to take pleasure in causing gray hairs to sprout on mommy and daddy (well, just daddy so far.... knock on wood), and he can melt down with the best of them. Fortunately, the good definitely outweighs the challenging, and we love the kid to bits. Happy half birthday big boy!

See? Dare devil. Not to be outdone by the big boys!

Doing one of his favourite things- carrying a poop bag (sans poop... although he would probably enjoy it even more with poop)!
And in the words of Stefan.... BUH-BYE!

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