Monday, March 31, 2014

Rockin the Slopes!

Fraser had his first experience on for-real skis in the actual honest-to-goodness mountains! Weeks ago when I was introducing our pending activity, I barely got the information out when Fraser excitedly interjected, "I LOVE SKIING!" When I continued to explain that we were going to the mountains, he again interrupted, "I LOVE MOUNTAINS!" And then, as if he wasn't thrilled enough, I broke the news that we were going with NICO. EEEEEEEEEE!

Lowell and Fraser were psyched... and so was I (although much more nervously so).

You see, It was also my first time on legitimate skis (as opposed to the odd snow blade excursion) since Junior High. Lowell was armed with a pocket full of Skittles to reinforce both Fraser and my skiing attempts... and we loved it. The skiing was pretty good too (hehe).

Lowell didn't even strap on his snowboard until after lunch. The morning was spent on the teeny tiny training hill. First Lowell guided Fraser with the harness, then I took over- trailing the wee one on my skis while controlling the harness.

This little tow-rope situation was a lesson in hanging-on-for-dear-life for Chels and me!
BFFs x 2

In the afternoon, we rode the chair lift to do the full bunny hill. On Fraser's second time down, he didn't fall at all (and neither did I... just for the record)!

Here's a wee video montage of Fraser's skiing. You'll have to excuse the ridiculous quality of the footage as it was taken by a blind guy snowboarding alongside us. I'm sorry- that was rude. It really is great footage... of the sky and random other skiers (haha)....

Fraser's first time on skis!

Fraser was a natural, and I'm convinced that observing his pro-star buddy Nico gave him a much-appreciated boost in skills and confidence.

the crew!
 Nick & Chelsea's presence was also invaluable. The experienced outdoorsy folks instructed us in all things skiing, and generously imparted their wisdom. For example, these sleds? Sheer. Genius.

Everything fit in our sled but Lowell's snowboard. And I mean everything... including Fraser. When we first arrived and Lowell was pulling Fraser (and our stuff) through the parking lot, Fraser was pretty pumped and I'm sure he was convinced that the main event was already happening: "THIS IS FUN!!"

Nick and Lowell even got a big boy run in... and could there be a cuter goggled-mommy-daughter pair?!

Baby Summer tagged along (like an ANGEL might I add) while Stefan stayed back with Papa. Love that Steffy-boy to bits, but we were soooo grateful that he was livin the good life in Papa's care while we were teaching Fraser (and ourselves) to rock the slopes. (Thanks Papa!!)

Nico, Summer, and Fraser weren't without Nana and Papa love for the day, though, as Papa Nicky & Nana Steph (Nick's parents) surprised us with a visit and goodies!

We love that these two selfless souls are an extra set of grandparents for our kids!

Also... Papa Nicky put his muscles to good use...

All in all, it was a beautifully successful day, and we plan to return very soon. As in, like, in 4 days.


Cheyenne said...

Hokey smokey dinah doodle dandy. OUTSTANDING!

The whole thing. I have been begging/bribing/threatening to get some photos from Chels, alas, I will depend on your bloggy ways to receive information.

Wowsa! Those boys are rockstars (not to mention their parents). I can not believe it! I am ever grateful for Frasman in Nico's life. That big blonde haired boy is the bees knees and I loved seeing his first shot at skiing.

And I'm also stunned and had to zero in on the photo -- IS THAT SUMMER? She has grown to sumo proportions.

Lowell & Julie said...

You leave the best comments ever, Chey!

Yes, Summer is giant. And eighty times more adorable with each additional ounce... SUCH a doll!

We're also thrilled that Nico-man in in Fraser's life. He's the cat's meow! ;)

Carlynne said...

I really loved the video!! It looks so fun and fraser is amazing!! did he fall at all? i have to admit I was kind of looking forward to some footage of a few toddler wipe outs;) Love you guys!

Lowell & Julie said...

He did have a few wipe-outs but none for the camera! What a show-off. haha- next time! ;)