Tuesday, September 10, 2013

project 365: august edition

It is really quite easy to make Stefan smile, and I really quite love that about him.

Fraser's super cheesey grin as he shows off (and devours) the first cookies he "made". That apron, by the way, was a Christmas gift from my cousin Yvonne many moons ago when I was knee high to a grasshopper. At least I think it is. Either that or an exact replica somehow ended up in my possession. In any case, Fraser loves to wear it, and when I'm wearing an apron (which is 90% of the time at home), he often requests, "Bayer wanna wear apron!" (Yes, he calls himself Bayer.)

Classic Fraser smile.

August long weekend with our twin family! Apparently this is now a tradition... and what a grand tradition it is! I particularly enjoy Stefan and Nico's expressions in the bottom picture hehe. LOVE THIS FAMILY!

Heart. Breaker.

Lowell's parents are super multi-talented and hard-working and they always help us out when they visit. Here is Lowell's beautiful mama doing the weeding that I neglected, well, all summer. What's the opposite colour of green? Cuz THAT'S the colour of my thumb. Anyhoo, so grateful for all their help!

Also, Lowell's Dad had fun showing his antique car off to Fraser!

There are very few women who can pull of the no-make-up look like our good friend Carianne... what a beauty inside and out! And apparently she also has an extraordinarily comfy lap.

Ty & Zeke are here! And this is Zeke in all his 4-toothed shining glory!

And here's Ty! What a superbly darling child.

Ty & Fraser smothering Zeke in a 1-2-3 kiss!

All the G grandboys together... precious indeed!
Oh boy... I  hacked Lowell's hair!

Fraser is such a big boy who INSISTS on eating snack on a stool (which he climbs onto himself). And yes, pants are always optional in our home.

Bathroom tummy time while big bro has a bath.

I love that these two (Ty & Frase man) are now interacting and *GASP* enjoying each other!

Sibling date night as a belated birthday celebration for Marc (only the female halves being represented in this picture)!
This boy and water. SO great.

Our living room turned awfully dark when our new dark couches were added to the dark feature wall (and dark rug), so... enter fabulous frames from my friend Tiffany of Be Filled! I love them. Like, a lot. That's Fraser on top and Stefan on the bottom by the way. I also love them.
Big boy growing soooo fast.

Up close and personal!

Lovely group of ladies for my Stella & Dot party.... and you should SEE all the free stuff I scored!!!

Lowell did the boys' bedtime routine whilst I was enjoying the previously mentioned party, and I WOKE STEFAN UP after 12.5 hours (for an appointment). HELLO! Before waking him, I pumped over 10 ounces in less than 10 minutes, and only stopped because the bottles were full. The ol mammaries were filled to the max and, um, uncomfortable!
Summer fun with stunt man pal Liam!

Stefan was introduced to the jolly jumper! And Fraser took it upon himself to show him the ropes.

Fraser kept bringing us handfuls of cherries in pristine condition, and it didn't take us long to discover him plucking them directly off the tree!
Although only three families are represented in these next three pictures, our entire small group (minus Rosie & Sheldon) went to the zoo! Only the penguins and "Canadian Wildlife" sections were open as a result of recent flooding, but the penguins alone were worth the $10 admission fee. Plus, we were exhausted after just that, so I don't know how we could've survived the ENTIRE zoo!
Of course I had to include THESE pals.

And also a penguin.

My Dad, his guitar, a fire, and s'mores... excellent.

Oh these two!

Cherry pickers! Nana and Fraser stripped the tree bare!

Have cherries, will make jam! Lowell's secret dream is for us to have every kind of fruit plant possible, and for me to spend 90% of the summer harvesting such fruit and creating pie and jam masterpieces.

Big week for Stefan! Lowell discovered his first two teeth, he started rolling over, and he slept through the night like 6 nights in a row. (No, the sleeping all the way through the night thing (which is 10+ hours in my books) didn't last, although only getting up once anytime between 3am and 5am certainly isn't bad).

Girl night with gal pal Carianne. Cherry beer, about 90 million calories worth of poutine and nachos, and plenty of giggles... love this girl! This is us taking a selfie of a selfie... can you even tell who TOOK this picture? Is your mind blown? Thought so.

Long weekend trip to the farm! We had a lovely weiny roast with cousin Trav, his new (amazing) wife, Terri, and the C family. Such an idyllic setting for a fire... and wonderful people too!

Well, that's August in a nutshell! I can't believe how quickly September is ticking by. Frase will be TWO at the end of the month... then it'll be October (MY bday!)... then November (Lowell's bday!).... then CHRISTMAS! Good thing Costco has been selling their Christmas stuff for months already... better start cranking the tunes soon (haha).

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marcandorkylie said...

love the pic of dad and his guitar in the garden.
also, the 3 girls making faces on the 14th... how does shareen make her face do that?