Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Our Little Frasentine

We attempted a wee Valentine shoot with Fraser boy which wasn't ALL too successful...

That was two out of the grand total of FOUR pictures we took. We can thank the onesie disaster for the teeny tiny picture-taking window! I made that onesie with an iron-on transfer, and after a little drool, the red heart bled and all three of us looked like horrible bloody disasters. Not perhaps the BEST iron-on transfers I ever invested in. :)

No smiles... but gotta love those darling chunky legs!

And here's a little V-day classic from a previous little 'love' shoot...

Also... it was 9 years ago today that Lowell and I started dating! Too bad we won't be spending it together as I'm in Saskatchewan for my Uncle Billy's funeral (more on that later), but MUAH MUAH MUAH to YOU, Lowell! And happy Love Day y'all!

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Carlynne said...

The few you did get look great though!