Sunday, April 10, 2011

week 17 - dragon fruit

At week 17, our little babe is ~5 inches long and weighs ~6 ounces!

The websites that I refer to for fruit/veggie ideas suggested onions and turnips for week 17… gag me. I did the grocery shopping myself this week on a mission to find a more appealing fruit or veggie. I forgot my measuring tape at home (which is vital for missions such as these), so I phoned Lowell, he looked up how long the baby was, then he measured his iphone so I could use my ipod as a measuring device. I’m sure I looked incredibly awesome holding up various produce against my ipod. I ended up with a small dragon fruit which, in my opinion, is MUCH cooler than an onion.

How am I feeling? The other day I overheard Lowell answer this on the phone: “She’s doing great. She’s into the second trimester now, so she has more energy and she’s getting fat.” Thanks Lowell… that pretty much sums it up!

Also, our little Hazelnut does NOT like it when I sneeze (or at least my body doesn’t like it). When I sneeze, my lower abdominal muscles spaz… and it hurts! The following is a scenario that has happened ON MORE THAN ONE OCCASION between 1 and 4am:
Julie: A-CHOO! OUCH OUCH! OH OUCH!! (perhaps a little more dramatic than necessary).
Lowell: (startled awake) Are you okay? What’s the matter?
Julie: I sneezed and my abs are spazzing! OUCH OUCH OOOOO OUCH!! (again, perhaps a tad dramatic).
Lowell: *groan* zzzzzzzz…

I read that starting at week 16, pregnant women are supposed to cash in on some wonderful hormonal prizes: fast growing hair and nails and smooth skin. I’d like an order of the SMOOTH SKIN please. This acne is a little out of control.

In other news, Kumeu received more mail this week than we did... seriously. This was a particular gem that he received from his doggy cousin Rotax:

Kumeu extends his gratitude to friends and family for sending birthday greetings his way. Woof!

Over and out.


Shelley said...

Dragonfruit is definitely better than onion! It's growing sooooo fast!

Bucky (the cat) is envious of Kumeu as Bucky has never had a birthday party either. Bucky also has no friends to invite to a party so that's kind of problematic.

But i don't really think he has anything to complain about because Bucky definitely loads up on gifts at Christmas time. I mean, really, he's just expecting too much.

Devo said...

You guys do such a great job of documenting ... I don't know how you find the time/energy!!

I'm thinking of linking my blog to yours ... just 5 weeks behind. So far, I'd only have minor variations to report, other than the fact that as this is my 2nd pregnancy, the showing thing is happening much faster! I think I'm showing more than you at 12 weeks than you are at 17!! C'est la vie ...

Keep the updates coming ... you give me hope that I will once again have energy. Yay for the 2nd trimester!

Anonymous said...

We will have to work with Rotax on his penmanship.