Wednesday, January 06, 2010

What a pivotal decade for Lowell & Julie!

Just takin' a look-see back at 2000-2009...
  • Graduated from high school

  • Spent 8 days on a Ferris wheel at the Calgary Stampede for a radio competition (Lowell)
  • Started university

  • Met, became friends, started dating
  • Debuted our love of duct tape

  • Moved away from home (and then continued to move a grand total of 16 more times between the two of us)
  • Went partly through a silage bagger and survived (Lowell)
  • Completed New Media internship in the States (Lowell)
  • Graduated with undergrad degree from U of L, then later with masters degree from U of A (Julie)

  • Graduated with undergraduate degree from U of L (and will graduate with masters degree in 2010) (Lowell)
  • Welcomed 6 new siblings into our families (i.e., in-laws!)
  • Became aunt/uncle X5

  • Got married

  • Bought our first house

  • 11 triathlons completed between the two of us

  • Got real jobs
  • Went brunette (temporarily)

  • Lived/worked/traveled abroad (and participated in every extreme sport under the sun)

  • Completed first marathon (Lowell… definitely not Julie)

  • Visited 10 countries between the two of us
  • Met a TON of amazing people around the world and formed several wonderful friendships
WHAT A DECADE! here's to another decade jam-packed full o' fun...


Robyn said...

Whoa, you guys are busy people! 8 days on a ferris wheel?? I hope you got some good prizes! :)

Julie Anne said...

Wow! That was a nice little summary of your amazing adventure thus far!

shareen said...

I can't believe you have NO NEPHEWS! So crazy. I enjoyed the idea. :)

Anonymous said...

Wow, you didn't do a whole lot hey? :) Keep keep goin!!

Amanda Brown said...

You guys are far too accomplished and ambitious. You make me feel fat, boring and lazy. :)