Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Good Things Come in Fours

Four months ago, Lowell and I were a happy-go-lucky-couple-traveling-the-globe with 4 adorable nieces back at home (all on Lowell’s side).

When we came home to Canada, we came home to the reality that Canada appears to be having a baby boom. But not just Canada is general, but specifically our families.

First Lowell’s sister, Janelle, and her husband Dave let us know that they’re expecting baby number three. YIPPEE- another niece/nephew to spoil. We were thrilled.

Then my constantly-in-some-other-country brother and sister-in-law, Marc & Kylie, announced that they’re expecting their first child- who also happens to be the FIRST baby on my side… THE G FAMILY IS FINALLY REPRODUCING! Thank you, Marc & Kylie, for spreading our impeccable genes at last.

THEN… Last month Lowell’s sister, Lori, and her husband Dave announced that they’re expecting a baby in March. OH BOY! THAT MAKES THREE NEW NIECES/NEPHEWS!

Lowell and I have been thrilled about these announcements. A little disappointed that no one took our advice to make a Kiwi baby, but still over-the-moon.

But that’s not all.

Last night we received a phone call. There’s ANOTHER one on the way that gets to call us Uncle Lowell and Auntie Julie Renee. No, it’s not Shareen or Carlynne or Marti or Julie Anne… LORI’S HAVING TWINS!! TWINS!!!

This is a top-down view of the two babies. Not one but TWO babies!

My brain was already overflowing with joy, but this delightful piece of news put my poor little brain into overdrive- in a manic-type state, if you will. Sleep eludes me, my heart continues to race at a dangerously quick rate, and the smile couldn’t be wiped off my face if a piano fell out of the sky and directly onto my head. I’m soooo excited (and only like 3% jealous)!

Provided that I can keep my faculties about me and not step in front of a bus while dreaming of babies… between late December and mid March, we’ll have FOUR little babies to jack up on love and candy then hand back to their parents. Yesssssssss!

I love babies.

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Avery said...

That's very exciting Julie! Enjoy all your little nieces and nephews!