Friday, September 18, 2009

Ignorance is Bliss

A little glimpse back to the land of the long white cloud (apparently I'm having a hard time letting go)...

When Lowell and I lived in NZ, we lived in a cutesie cozy little homey cottage.

It was located in a vineyard/horse/strawberry field/produce stand area.

We basically lived in the country with every convenience the city has to offer about 6 minutes away.

(our Hollywood-esque driveway)

(Part of our extremely expansive yard)

The cottage was a little rustic and definitely had character. Birds lived in the chimney of the pot belly stove, and random cats came for regular visits.

Yes. Quiet, peaceful, beautiful and very "Alice in Wonderland"...

Welllll, one of our friendly little "neighbours" spent it's time trotting along the ceiling above our bedroom. Lowell suggested that perhaps it was a rat, but given the history of birds in the chimney, I gently told him he was being stupid, and we decided that it was a sweet, innocent, non-disgusting

Now fast forward. After we moved out of the cottage and traveled around the country for two months, we returned to the homestead to bid our final farewell to the family next door. At this time, they gave us a 'cottage update'. Apparently the new tenants could not sleep at night due to the noise in the ceiling. They decided to investigate. They climbed up to the roof and looked inside where the entire floor of the ceiling moved with tiny RATS. GROSS. The false ceiling was muffling most of the noise, but the rats freely transported themselves in and out via the overhanging tree. GROSS GROSS GROSS. I'm soooo glad I didn't know that. I think I would have become all sorts of mentally INSANE with the knowledge that HUNDREDS of baby rats were sharing my bedroom with me.

And THAT, ladies and gentlemen, is why ignorance truly is bliss.


Bloggy Mama said...

Completely bliss. When I worked at our local Uni, my office (also the photocopy room - yes, I was high up there on the "ladder") had a particularly despicable odour. I didn't know what it was and used to burn candles ALL DAY LONG to try and combat the scent. I still got comments, strange looks and cracks about my gas issues every time one of my colleagues would come in. They had it looked into, after weeks, and it turns out that it was a dead packrat festering and rotting in the roof above my desk. Awesome. I felt so gross, knowing that. I'd rather they hadn't told me.

Bruce and Karen said...

That's very similar to our living situation in Africa, minus the ignorance part! We lived for two years with rats running in the ceiling overhead, with the occasional cats chasing them, to add to the noise and overall commotion.
We found it very funny/odd that when we went to come home and a new family was due to move into our house, the mission decided that the rats must be poisoned, because of course, the new missionaries couldn't be expected to live with rats!?? So then the poisoned rats came out of their hidey hole to stagger around and die in our front yard!!

Avery said...

Hey Julie,

I understand how it feels getting used to "home" again. It took me a while to really stop missing Edmonton after we moved back to Ontario. Now I really enjoy and appreciate Ontario again. It's really nice to be able to move back and appreciate home in new ways.

Btw. your place is looking nice and cozy. I remember having a tour of it when I was visiting for your wedding - that would've been right after you bought the house I think!


Avery said...

Oh yes, as I sit here in my dining room, I know there is some little rodent crawling around in my walls. I just hope it's only one!!

landomartz said...

So glad we did not come over to visit!

Daniel said...

Wow that gross and creepy and gross