Thursday, October 26, 2006

Carrie, that little rascal

Tara, Carrie, and I (at Carlynne and I's birthday party)

So, yesterday morning after breakfast, 8:07am, I went to go upstairs to get my bag as I had an exam to get to by 8:30am. When I looked up the stairs, there was Carrie, in her housecoat, half conscious, sitting at the top of the stairs. I said, “Are you okay Carrie?” And she said “I don’t think so” in a barely audible voice, then keeled over. I ran up to see if she was still breathing, and after I saw she was breathing, white as a sheet, and sweating, I ran back downstairs, banged on Avery’s door and said, “Uh, can you please help me? Carrie’s fainted on the stairs.” She of course darted out of her room and we ran to Carrie’s aid. (Of course Carlynne, the MED STUDENT, was the only roommate not home). When she had somewhat regained consciousness again, but was still really out of it, I decided to do what anyone would do in an emergency situation: call my Mom and Dad! My Dad wasn’t there, but my Mom gave us some advice then told us to get her to Emergency as by this time, Carrie had passed out yet again. So, I called 911, and within 4 minutes (just enough time for Tara and I to find clothes for Carrie), there was a fire truck and an ambulance here as well as six people in uniform barging into the house. Four men (maybe it was three men, but it felt like eight men, so I’m gonna stick with the four) stormed through the front doors with a purpose, and two women came through the side door. They told me to gather any medication she had and bring it to them. As far as we knew, Carrie had an epi pen because she's allergic to nuts, but do you think we knew where that was?? Nooooooo. Avery and I looked in her room thinking it must be in her purse. Here's how that went: "Hmmmmm...where could her purse be. Oh, here's her backpack, let's check there. Wait a minute, we don't even know what we're looking for. What the heck does an epi pen look like?" By now the four men had left as they were the firemen and there was no fire. At this point, it was 8:21am and I had to get to the University by 8:30 for my exam. So Avery, bless her heart, skipped her class to stay with Carrie and I high tailed it to my exam. I was sweating when I got there (that’s what happens when you sprint while wearing 3 layers and a backpack) but I got there with a little time to spare even.
So, I’m sure you’re all wondering what’s up with Carrie. Well, she’s A-Okay now. She was at the Grey Nun’s Hospital here in Edmonton until 3:30pm, then she took a taxi to the University to write an exam. What a little punk.
Apparently they did tests on her at the hospital and let her go. We are all very glad that she is okay. But let this be a lesson to everyone with roomies out there. Make sure you have everyone's emergency contacts written down and know where any medications they may have are. I'm implementing this rule tonight at roommate dessert. I'm all business now!

Anyhoo, we're super glad that Carrie's home and fine. The little tird scared the bejeebies out of us.

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